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Baseus Silikonfodral för iPhone 11 Pro Vit

Baseus Silikonfodral för iPhone 11 Pro Vit

Baseus Silikonfodral för iPhone 11 Pro Vit

Baseus Silicone case for iPhone 11 Pro is made of pacifier grade liquid silicone material. The case features an anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch functions. The all wrapped design with an arch edge provides your phone with all-round protection and comfortable hold. The case fits snugly on your phone without adding any bulk to it.

Food-grade liquid silica gel
The cases are made with Soft pacifier grade liquid silicone material, that is usually used in baby pacifiers, which is safe and odourless.

Convex lens protection
The convex lens designs are used to achieve more comprehensive protection.

Silky and thin touch
The cases feel lighter and silkier to the touch and feel great when you hold it.

Softening process for the button interface
The softening process used for the button interface makes the button operations more convenient and prevent scratches and bumps to the phone.

Translucent design
The translucent design on the case reveals the true nature of the phone and you are able to clearly see the phone.

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